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Jabuti 2013

2nd place - Illustration

3rd place - Paradidatic

(Dom Casmurro, with Felipe Greco)


AQC-SP - Associação de Quadrinistas e Caricaturistas do Estado de São Paulo

Angelo Agostini

2015 - Best Artist

2018 - Best Artist

Mario Cau is an award-winning Brazilian comic book author: writer, illustrator and teacher in love with the spectacular language of the Sequential Arts. Active in the Brazilian comics scene since the early 2000's, he has been published and self-published in dozens of titles, from his own solo work to group anthologies.


His stories range over a variety of genres and always bring a poetic and introspective look at the characters' emotions and relationships. His most notable works are the series Pieces (Parte de Mim), Therapy (Terapia) and Monsterverse (Monstruário), as well as the adaptation of literary classics like Dom Casmurro and Anne of Green Gables, among many others.

In 2023, he published the independent slices-of-life "Vincent in Pieces", his first solo book in english, and started attending local comic cons. He was also a finalist for the short story contest for Negative Space Comics, landing the third place among many other artists.


Mario had the honor of being nominated several times for the most relevant awards in Brazil’s ever-expanding comic ecosystem, having won the HQMIX, the Jabuti and the Angelo Agostini multiple times.


Always devoted to mentoring new artists, his teaching career also spans over almost 20 years. He also creates content for a YouTube channel where he brings the life of a professional artist to the spotlight with lectures, tutorials, reviews and good old friendly chats. 


Currently living in a small town in Long Island with his wife, he is eager to participate in the comic book universe of the US, bringing all the experience gathered from a life devoted to the medium.


2011 e 2013 - Best Webcomic (Terapia, with Rob Gordon e Marina Kurcis)


2013 - Best Adaptation to Comics (Dom Casmurro, with Felipe Greco)

2012 - Independent Group Book (Petisco Vol.I)

Bigorna Award

2009 - Contribution to Brazilian Comics (Quarto Mundo collective)

Prêmio Egresso - UNICAMP

2023 - Outstanding Alumni

Short Story Selection - Negative Space Comics, 2023, 3rd place.


Nominated or Finalist:

CCXP Awards

2021 - Best inker (Duodec)

Angelo Agostini:

2021 - Best Artist, Best Independent Book (Pieces - Parte de Mim), Best New Book (Anne de Green Gables)

2015 - Best Webcomic (Terapia), Best independent Book (Morphine)

Cubo de Ouro:

2019 . Best Geek Literature (Arquivos Secretos do Monstruário 1 - Vox Nihili)


2021 - Best Artist, Best Inker, Bst Adaptation to Comics (Anne de Green Gables); Best Serialized Independent Comic (Arquivos Secretos do Monstruário 2 - Saruê).

2019 - Best Inker, Best Miniseries, Best Book in Fantasy, Terror and Adventure (Monstruário Vol.2)

2016 - Best Colorist and Best Webcomic (Terapia)

2015 - Best Webcomic (Terapia)

2014 - Best Webcomic (Terapia), Best Independent Book (Morphine)

2013 - Best Artist and Best Book (Terapia Vol.1)

2010 - Editorial Project (NÓS) e Best Independent Book (Pieces 3)

2009 - Best New Artist, Best Independent Book (Pieces 1 and 2)

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